Baby Shower!

Hello everyone :0) ive finally finished being lazy recovered enough to blog about my recent trip to my hometown (Bakersfield) for my baby shower! After the grueling 6hour drive it was nice to sit back and relax with my sister treated my mom and i to pedicures {i hadnt had one since i was in beauty school..i felt bad for my lady! ;0)

Heres the finished product..well worth the pain of getting my skin filed off and stabbed multiple times in the toe! LOL Oh, and mine are the big puffy prego feet if youre wondering ;0)

*Random thought: I read somewhere that your feet actually get bigger during pregnancy sometimes..that worries me a little considering im already a size 10! Yikes!
My shower was on Saturday {the 6th} and i was pleased that lots of old friends and familiar faces showed up to support me ♥ It was so fun to visit with everyone! We ate yummy food and played some fun games! Here are some pics from the day...and for some reason, my moms camera took crappy fuzzy pictures so i apologize!

..playing a nursery rhyme game :0)

My Grandma and seesters ♥

Opening presents...i got tons of good stuff a.k.a 'loot' and little Easton will definitely be well dressed ;0)

Easton's stroller

Thank you everyone for coming to my shower and for your support ♥

That night i went to an old friends wedding was beautiful..and so was the bride :0) I got to see a bunch of people that i havent seen in a long time so it was fun to catch up! The next couple days were spent just 'chillin' with i am giving my sister a hair cutting 'lesson'..her husband Jacob was such a good model ;0)

Heres a couple of my neices ♥

here we are out for icecream ♥

The next morning i headed back home to see my hubby that i 'abandoned' for 5 days..its good to know that i was missed ♥ I always have such a good time with my family! Thanks for everything!


  1. That was so much fun to have you here and get to "play" with my girls:) You looked so cute and EVERYONE told me that you make a very stylish & adorable prego lady! (Even though you don't believe them).
    It was great having you home, and weird to think that the next time you come you will have little Easton with you!!! I'm so excited, can you tell?
    Love, momb

  2. Awe!! Happy Baby shower! Again, I love love love the pictures.

  3. Yana and I enjoyed your baby shower! We are so glad we got to visit with you - you do look SO beautiful! Doug and I are practically doing the dance of joy thinking we will have two little grandbabies in about TWO short months!!!! Yippeeeee! Love, Mom G.
    P.S. How fun that you all went and had pedicures!

  4. I didn't know you and Matt are 6 hours away from Bakersfield. That stinks! It looks like you had a great baby shower. It is always so fun to be surrounded by friends and family. I'm sure Doug and Gayle are SO EXCITED about both babies. My sister in law and I had the first babies on my husband's side within 2 weeks of each other and it has been such a blast. She is already expecting baby number 2 in the end of May though and I'm not even thinking about another one yet!