Talk about RaNdOm...

Here are some random pictures of what weve been up to no particular order :0) Here we are kayaking! Kayaking=FUN ♥

...some pics i took of my babies :0)

LuLu is my favorite it wrong to have a favorite pet? ;0)

...Crazy Daisy!

We went fishing ♥ (excuse the ugly picture)

Trains = cool

He loves me :0)

I cut the tip of my finger off last night on accident and had to go to the hospital= NO fun= Sad day. Its kinda hard to type with a humungo finger ;0)Thats ALL folks!


  1. I am SO sorry about your finger!! Hope it heals soon! At least you get a couple days together with Matthew, though! Love all the pictures, and, uh, you could NEVER be ugly in ANY picture!!! (Referring to the pic with the fish). We send you our love and many good thoughts and prayers. Love, Mom and Dad G. xoxoxoxo

  2. Ouch! A huge bandage on a beautician's finger...not good. Plus, I'm sure it hurt tooo:( Sorry to hear about that, but the kayaks look fun and I love all your "kids" pics:)
    Love, momb

  3. wait. . . HOW did you cut your finger off?!?!