Ball Game

So Matt and i played in a softball tournament for his Department a few days ago and it was a blast!

I played second base for 3 games and did pretty good considering the fact that i havent played in over 2 years :0) We even won a couple games..It was pretty much awesome. Heres Matt up to bat :0)

There arent any pics of me in action b/c Matts not the best picture taker...'Matt, youre fired!"Heres some of the 'team' in the dugout :0)

The people Matt works with are glad i got to meet them. For the next few days we were SO was ridiculous. Im pretty sure i need to work out more ;0)


  1. You are so cute in all your pictures and you two have so much fun. I looked at the templates and I love the missy kit if you want to play with it. Love you lots!

  2. You guys never cease to amaze me:) And you playing with a hurt finger! I remember a girl playing catcher some time ago;)