"The BEST dog in the world"

It was a sad day for the Gates family when it was time for sweet Millie to go. She has been a part of the Gates family for 16 years and was my husbands first dog. They had many adventures and fond memories together. We love you Millie dog and will never forget you ♥


  1. Ohhhhhhh....thank you for posting the remembrance of Millie - she was such a big part of Matthew's youth, and a wonderful companion to our family! Though we're devastated at having had to say good-bye, we know she is now healthy and free from pain. We'll see her again one day!!! Thanks, sweetie for posting about our wonderful Milliedawg! Love, Mom G.

  2. So sad about Millie:( Bet she and Rusty dog are having great times in dog heaven:)

  3. Millie died????!!!! Oh no! She was the sweetest dog! My condolences Gates Family:(