My Birthday Boy ♥

SO it was my favorite person's birthday on the 6th! Since our last river adventure, We've been wanting to get into kayaking SO we decided to just go ahead and get a couple of river kayaks for his b-day!!! Were always up for new AdVeNtUrEs ;0) It was also my moms birthday on the 5th so a big shout out to her as well! My husband is so awesome/studly/wonderful and i am so happy that i get to spend every day and every birthday with him for the rest of my life!...for this, i consider myself a lucky girl ♥ I love you Mr. Gates!..Even though you are an old man ;0)


  1. Tell Schmatt happy birthday for us!

  2. Happy birthday to Matt! Excited for you new kayak adventures. Had a great time at Disneyland for my bday and I've never had so many people wish me happy birthday in my life:) (I was wearing a big birthday button). Tara, Jacob & all their kids stayed over from Kaylie's birthday and got to spend time with us there too! Love you guys and can't wait to hear about the casa:)
    love, momb

  3. dude... that comment was just mean! I thought you were on my team!