Moms Visit

SO last week my mom came to visit us for a few days on her way back home from Oregon. It was so nice having her here and we did some fun stuff as we attempted to entertain her and convince her to MOVE here :0) jk We drove up to Lassen and saw the pretty mountains..

We had a picnic by the river and..of course..had to go fishing ;0)

Heres mom relaxing by Deer Creek Falls..

We had a good time hanging out and she tolerated sleeping in our living room on our not so comfy pull-out bed next to the Weasle..I LOVE YOU MOM! :0) Soon we will have a house with an extra bedroom that you can stay in ;0) Anyways we were glad to have her around for a few days! See you at Christmas mamasitta! xoxo


  1. I love looking at all your fishing trips. Those are some good looking fish! Andy and I did a turn around trip to Magic Mountain this weekend. It was fun...but a LONG DRIVE. Anyways...hoep you are well. I like your background. Happy Halloween!

  2. Magic Mountain was fun...well I'm kind of lying. Haha. I've been barfing all weekend and I didn't stomach the rides very well. I always like the water rides though. Roaring rapids gets me everytime;) Yeah so...the you know what seems to be going well...I'll write you an email. ;) LOVE YOU!