Oregon Trip!

So Matt and i got the weekend off so that we could go visit my sister Tanya in Corvallis Oregon..she is over 9 months pregnant and is due to have her baby at any time so we were hoping to see the little guy before we had to go home..

When we got there we went for a walk in Tanyas neighborhood. Oregon is such a beautiful place!..On our walk we discovered that their neighbors owned three cute little pigs that i couldn't resist :0)

We walked along a damp trail next to the river and enjoyed catching up with eachother.

Matt found a snake and picked it up! It was pretty cool :0)

It rains alot in Oregon but luckily the weather was gorgeous while we were there! We went back to tanyas place and relaxed a little after our walk. Then we went into town and ran some errands..and went to ROSS of course :0) That night we went to dinner and sat in the hot tub when we got home..it was soo nice..we saw some deer walking around in their yard while we were tubbin' it up..pretty cool :0) The next day Matt and i decided to go explore the Oregon coast..i took lots of pictures and you can check them out on the post before this one :0) When we got back later that day there was STILL no baby!

Oh well we ate dinner, Tanya schooled us all in yahtzee and we watched a movie.

The next morning Matt and I were woke up by lots of loud crows in the yard..Billy said that i could use his pellet gun whenever i want so i decided to go hunting :0) jk I shot at them and made them shut up but they were too far away to hit..oh well! Later Billy let us ride Tanya's 4wheeler and we had some fun with that! Oh and this is Tanya's cute little dog Roxy a.k.a. Rozley :0)

She followed me everywhere i went the WHOLE time we were there! It was pretty funny :0)

SO it was time for Matt and i to go back home and unfortunately we didn't get to meet little Cole Terry because he didn't want to come out while we were there SO i will have to meet my little nephew some other time :0) We said our goodbyes and hit the road..This time we didn't drive through Oregon in the DARK so we got to SEE everything :0) It was gorgeous of course and it only took us 8 hours to get home :0) All in all it was a fun trip and although we didn't see the baby..seeing my family was well worth it to me :0)

Thanks for letting us crash with you! :0)


  1. Yay! A new blog post! I'm so happy to see you with your mom and sis - she looks great! (You ALL look great!) (But, I'm sure Tanya is SO ready to have that baby in her arms!) Oregon really is beautiful, isn't it?! Glad you got to go - Matthew had never been there! Glad you got to explore and visit, and you're back home safely! Love you! Love, Mom G.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous trip ;) We miss Oregon sometimes, it really is so pretty!

  3. It was so fun to have you and Matthew here with us! We had a great time, even though you didn't get to see the baby. We had fun walking and playing w/yucky stuff on the road...uugh! I always enjoy being with you guys and look forward to my time with you guys on my way home from Oregon:)
    love, momb

  4. That is awesome that you got to go visit Tanya. She looks like I do when I am ready to pop. It is so cool that you and Matt are always on some adventure together. I love that you two are so perfect for eachother. I love you Paige is calling for me. Talk to you later.