Weve been looking for a better appartment since we got here and didnt have much luck for a while..little did we know that something better was right under our noses :0) one day i was riding my bike around our neihborhood and found the cutest place right down the street! i noticed it was empty so i went and asked chris, our landlord about it..it was available and he said hed give us a good deal if we decided to take it because he had just sold the appartment complex we lived in at the time and still wanted us as tenants..this was at the beginning of february and we had just paid rent for the month so we were going to wait until the next month to make our move..the new owners of our appt. complex were crappy and would wake us up every morning while they banged around upstairs 'remodeling' the appartment above us..that was pleasant..like our crazy neighbors werent noisy enough? anyways..the last straw was when they turned the power off in the vacant appartments and accidentally turned ours off in the process! when we called them to fix there mistake they said that they couldnt come do it until monday..this happened saturday a.m! i dont know about you but i prefer having electricity in my home ..to make a long story short alot of phone calls were made and i had a very frustrated hubby. They finally sent someone to fix the problem. That wasnt fun. SO we decided to move into the other appartment that next week :0) we like it alot..its single level so we dont here ppl stomping around above us, its secluded and surrounded by trees so theres more privacy and its bigger inside which is nice :0)


  1. that is a sweeeeeeeeeeeet bike...you can ride it around with mom and think to yourself..."I wonder what it was like to discover this place?" :)

    BTW this is thad