Okay so growing up, matt and i were both raised in homes with lots of critters around..cats,dogs, turtles etc.. now that we are on our own weve found that something is missing..animals :0) yes i know we have the weasle but he doesnt count..he doesnt sit in your lap when you watch a movie or sleep at the end of the bed at night..he cant even sit still long enought to pet him for very long..although he is getting better with that :)So matt and i have been taking frequent trips to the Chico Animal Shelter to hang out with the kittys while theyre stuck in a boring room full of other cats. Everytime we go, we are SO tempted just to take one and give it a good home..poor things. Weve been holding back though because there are 4 cats at matts parents house in bako and one of them (ninja) will be coming home with us the next time we visit :0) so were looking forward to that! i do have a question though: Do you think its mean to keep an indoor cat in a small one bedroom appartment?? i figure it would be if we were getting a dog or something because they need space but a kitty? hmmm

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  1. Cats are amazing and find their own entertainment. We have had cats in all kinds of living situations, even in a one bedroom apt. when we weren't supposed to have pets. She spent her day on a long leash so she wouldn't go to a window. We let her loose at night when she was less likely to be spied. When she was loose she spent her time looking for roaches, we were in Houston for a summer. Love, Aunt Linda