We met Arnold Schwarzenegger!...kinda :0)

After the Sacramento Zoo adventure..Matt and i decided to check out the State Capitol Building since we were in the neighborhood..The building itself was really cool so we decided to take a peek inside..in the hall there were a bunch of little kids from a catholic school and members of the Press waiting..we figured they were waiting for something cool so we decided to wait with them to find out what it was that they were so excited about..i made sure i was in a good spot..i had my camera ready :0) Then all the sudden Arnold Schwarzenegger comes out of a meeting with a bunch of guys in suits..everyone goes crazy and i was trying to get a good picture of him..i guess i was in a really good spot becuase i got attacked by the Press!!They were all over me and i got hit in the head with one of their cameras! Matt saw the whole thing and was quite angry about it BUT i managed to get a pretty good pic of Arnold and the guy who,they say, will be the next governor...Arnold is alot shorter in person :0) A businessman who was there gave me his email address and asked me to send him a copy of the pic.So yeah it was pretty cool...random, but cool :0)

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