"I left my heart in San Francisco"

Matt and I had the same day off work together so we decided to go on another "day vacay" :0) Since neither of us have acutally been to San Fransico we decided to go check it out...and it was awesome! The city is pretty cool..lots of tall buildings and lots of people :0) We drove through 'china town' and saw lots of Asians,oriental shops and restaraunts..then we came across this really cool building that we just had to check out...it looked like a huge roman temple but apperantly it was an art museum..anyway it was gorgeous and i took lots of pictures :0) We found some cool beaches...literally (gotta love NO-CAL) but it was nice and sunny outside...beautiful day! It was neat to see the Alcatraz prison in the middle of the Bay..we heard the tour is pretty cool so that will be an adventure for another day :0) Everytime i go to the beach i always crave clam chowder in a bread bowl so of course that was our lunch ;0) The BEST part of SanFran was the Golden Gate Bridge! We found a pretty nature trail that led us right up to it and i got to take some cool pictures.We relaxed by the beach and watched the boats go by.After that we went to the Fisherman's Warf and had hot fudge sundaes at the Ghiradelli Factory..Yummmy!! :0) We were exhausted by the time we got back home but it was well worth it..I had an awesome time exploring San Francisco with my best friend! ;0)


  1. very cute!! sounds like you guys had fun. i wish there were cute day trips in north dakota. but there is nothing cute about this wretched state :)
    i hear you guys are going to graduation in a few weeks. have fun! but not too much of course :)

  2. San Francisco is our favorite city. We spent our first honeymoon there and our second!! Hopefully the third will be soon.
    Love, Aunt Linda (in Colorado)

  3. yeah, i wouldnt mind going again :0)