P.S...Im a BUM! :0)

SO some of you dont know this about me..but i go to yardsales...lots of them! ;0) I love finding great deals on toys/clothes for my kids and other 'treasures' at yard sales! My husband has always been a good sport about it too which is nice...i get the occasional eye roll when i drag all of my yardsale 'finds' through the front door but he puts up with my hoarding me for the most part ;0) A few weekends ago i went to a yardsale with the boys. There was a very girly pink PowerWheels there for sale (for $200 bucks) that the boys played in the whole time i was digging for treasures. When we left, they were both devastated that the PowerWheels didnt come home with us! I might have considered buying it if it wasnt PINK! ANYwho, this is when fate stepped in ;0) On the way home there was a guy in front of me pulling a big dump trailer full of stuff that he was apperantly taking to the dump. On top of that pile was a litte PowerWheel Jeep! I knew that my boys would love that so on a crazy whim i pulled up next to the guy and asked him if he was throwing that stuff away/i could have the PW! I felt like such a BUM for asking but he was happy to be rid of it! :0) It didnt work at the time but we bought a battery and jerry rigged fixed it a couple weeks later and the boys have been in HEAVEN driving that thing around together all morning! :0)
I always wanted a PowerWheels as a kid (and secretly still want to get behind the wheel of this one! ;0) So im glad the boys can check that off their childhood list (and that yours truly Santa didnt have to buy them a brand new one for christmas! ;0) hahah ANYwho, i just thought this was cute and wanted to document my craziness cute boys :0)

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  1. I can't believe that it really worked with just a battery! It was in such good shape otherwise:) Good job!