Creepy Halloween Book Tutorial!

I know its kindof late to be posting about halloween decor BUT i thought id share this easy little tutorial :0)
-First youll need some big old books (i got these gems for free at a yard sale! ;0)
-Spray paint the Binding area with white spray paint and let dry.
-Cut out some vinyl words (making sure they will fit the size of your book bindings!)
NOW i cant find the camera with the rest of the pics (i will post them when i find it!) BUT the next part is SUPER easy and doesnt really need pics! :0)
-Stick your vinyl words onto your painted book bindings how you want them.
-Spray paint over the vinyl words and the rest of the book with black spray paint-Let dry (i did a couple of coats)
-NOW Just PULL OFF your vinyl and WAH LAH! You have some super creepy Halloween books! :0)
Note: If you want them to look older, just lightly sand the worded area with sandpaper (thats what i did :0)