A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

We heard about this 'really cool' pumpkin patch about an hour away from us and finally got around to going! I was skeptical about driving all the way there and it not being all that great but that wasnt the case...it was AWESOME! I think the kids favorite part was the train ride around the pumpkin patch...
I dont know who had more fun at the petting zoo..me or the kids! ;0) I love animals and im pretty sure it rubbed off on my kids..especially Everett! He LOVED the goats! :0)
We even saw some exotic animals...like this rare llama ;0)
 I watched it for a while in hopes that i would see it spit on someone..but was sadly dissapointed! HA! ;0) There were all kinds of toys/things to play on..here they are having some good old fashion fun!
LOOK! a HORSE even popped its head into the train car! LOL ;0)
So there was this GINORMOUS slide there that Easton went down at least a dozen times..one time i let Everett go down with him which they though was great! Easton is becoming such a good big brother!
We also 'mined' for marbles as i tried to keep Everett from DIVING into the water the whole time (this boy!)
It was fun spending the day with my boys! I love seeing the joy in their faces when they are having fun/seeing new things :0) We made sure to end the trip on a good note...ICE CREAM! ;0)

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