Family Reunion Part 1

Earlier this month we had a family reunion!! When i found out we were having one, i knew i wanted to take our little vintage trailer that ive been fixing up with us...SO i had to bust my butt work hard to get her usable for the trip! The 'Happy Camper' is still not 100% finished but she was good enough to take on her maiden voyage! ;0) Here is a pic of our Happy Camper ready to go!
Soon i will post pics of the inside and all of the before/after pictures! So stay tuned for that adventure! ;0) Anywho we had our reunion at Siskiyou Lake (Nor-Cal) and had a BLAST!
It was so nice to have everyone together! Even both sets of my grandparents were there! We spent alot of our time lounging/swimming/chatting on the 'beach'. We did alot of fishing and caught TONS of fish!
I think we Thad cooked up like 20 fish one night = dee-lish! ;0) We all took turns cooking dinner and breakfast during the week...Matt and i made homemade BBQ chicken pizza for our dinner & bucuits and gravy for our breakfast. Everyone did a great job on their meals and needless to say thats the best ive ever eaten while camping! Its usually just hotdogs and hobo packs for us! ;0) We did some crafts during the day and played catch up with our awesome family...We laughed A.L.O.T and had so much fun together! The trailer was a nice thing to fit all of our junk stuff in it just fine and it was so nice to sleep on something other than the ground! Easton did really well and even slept in the cabin with Grandma and Grandpa Bulkeley a couple nights..(thanks guys! :0) ONE night we heard some noise outside of our trailer so i made Matt go outside and see what it was!...Our ice chest was tipped over and there were HUGE holes (bitemarks) in was a BEAR! We had bear encounters pretty much the whole trip...One night, my Grandpa went outside to get his cane and there was a big BEAR digging in the trash by the door! He grunted at my Grandpa and im sure he moved quicker than he has in a long time back inside the cabin! ;0) Heres Easton having a good time with us on the 'fun' island!
Great Grandma Bigelow ♥
Easton loves the water and loved playing in the sand/ looking for rocks (his FAVORITE thing! ;0)
The girls and i decided to go out on our own fishing adventure! Tanya and i we caught a bunch of fish and had a great time laughing and soaking up the sun! I tried getting Tara and Britt to hold a fish for a picture but they werent havin' it! ;0)
 We also attempted to make up a 'dance' for the 'talent show' that night...Im pretty sure the sight of us flailing dancing around in a little fishing boat looked quite strange ;0) The Girls...
I love these amazing girls and it was nice to be able to spend some quality time with them! The week went by waaay too fast and it was very sad to say goodbye to everyone! Im glad that we got the opportunity to make some fun memories together though :0)
-The reason why this is titled 'Family reunion part 1' is because i barely have/took any pictures! I will be getting a bunch from my Mom (a.k.a paparazzi ;0) shortly and will then post the rest! SO...T.B.C...


  1. That picture from the boat turned out cute! It really was a great week ;)

  2. Couldn't wait to see a pic of "The Happy Campers" trailer after the painting was finished - it looks AWESOME! Your family reunion sounds (and looks) like it was a wonderful time - we're so happy you were all able to be together! Love all the pics (as usual) and really like Easton's patriotic swim trunks!
    Love, Mom and Dad G. xoxo

  3. Didnt it?! thank goodness for my long monkey arms! ;0) I have to agree with you...that was a fabulous week!

  4. Thanks Mom G! We should have a family reunion too sometime! :0)

  5. I am DYING To see that camper! I want one SOOO bad and have plans to buy one soon so please tell me all teh details and email pics! that is AWESOME.

  6. That was such a fun time, and I am shocked to see how much you did to the trailer, because when I was there in June, it was FAR from being are a miracle worker, but we already knew that! The reunion was so great and so many memories were made that week! Everytime I think about the bear camera and you guys acting like wild animals in the dark, I start laughing all over again! Fun times!

  7. Laura~ i still need to take some good pics of the inside and i will post about all of the gory--and i mean GORY details soon! ;0) You should seriously get one!
    Mom~I loved every second of our reunion! We must do that more often! :0)

  8. Looks awesome!!! I want to see the inside of your trailer! The outside looks amazing!

  9. I love your blog! I actually just contacted you over at your TBT blog about my own! I saw you had a personal blog, and had to come over and see how cute and creative it was! I have a daughter who was also born in May 2010. I am totally jealous of your cute little camper and your trip in Cali.