Classic Summer

Easton had a new discovery the other day...
You guessed it...he discovered the hose! :0) Playing with the hose is a classic summer activity in my book...I mean, what kid doesnt like playing with the hose?! I did all.the.time growing up and you will still catch me sipping hose water while im outside on a hot day...old habbits, what can i say? ;0) Here is Eastons first hose lesson: do not point right at the face! ;0) Poor guy..
Dont worry, he recovered quickly! ;0)
It is so fun to watch Easton discover everything for the first time ♥ Im one lucky mommy...
Love this boy!


  1. he is SO stinkin' cute!! I love your new blog layout!

  2. OMGosh! He is SO amazingly CUTE-IFUL!!! When he gets a little older, Matthew can tell you and Easton about all the rad water fights we had when the kids were younger!!! Thanks for posting! Each new discovery is such a wonder! You can see it in his eyes!!! Love, M & D Gates xoxoxo

  3. The next discovery is that he can spray other people/animals with said hose.

  4. so cute and great pictures. I loved playing in the hose as a kid, great meories!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You catch such great shots of Easton, it is so amazing that you are there for those quick moments with a camera! (Like mother, like daughter:) Thanks for sharing, he is too cute!