Dont you love how the 4th of july was over a month ago and im just now posting about it?! It seems as though ive been so busy working on my computer (doing blog designs) that as soon as i get some free time i dont want anything to do with my computer! (We have a love/hate relationship ;0) which is why my blog has been suffering! I really do want to start posting on a more regular basis (and believe me, i have plenty to post about!) so well see how that goes! ;0) Lets see, Matt was able to get the 4th off this year so we decided to go camping at Lake Almanor (we are trying to make this a 4th of July tradition) So we packed up our camping stuff and Easton and headed for the great outdoors! We hadnt made reservations but we were super lucky and found an awesome spot to camp (thank goodness!)
We were nervous about sleeping in a little tent with Easton at this age! We slept (i use that term loosely ;0) on an air mattress with Easton in the middle and were afraid to move all night because we didnt want to wake him up and let everyone in the campground hear the wrath of Easton! We managed to make it through the night with minimal screaming so i consider that a success! On the 4th of july we went to the little town in Lake Almanor just to find out that we missed the annual parade! However we still got to grub on some delicious tri tip sandwiches so it wasnt a total loss ;0) We went to the fly shop there and got some flies to fish with. We fished until it started getting dark with no was still fun though! (here is easton sleeping being supportive ;0)
Since it was getting dark and the fireworks start when its dark we headed over to the beach we like with the best view of the fireworks over the water. We werent alone this year but Easton was okay with that because this boy LOVES to people watch..So cute ♥
While we were waiting Easton played by the lake shore with his Daddy..
Easton LOVES rocks and had a blast examining/throwing/eating them! ;0)
It seems like we waited forever for the fireworks to start (it seems that way every year) and E was getting pretty cranky because it was waay past his bedtime but as soon as the fireworks started, he was in awe. I loved watching him watch fireworks for the first time. He was mesmerized by the bright colors and sounds of the fireworks bursting over the water...a moment i will not soon forget :0)


  1. Love the new format! What a wonderful entry - more darling pictures to stare at of our little Easton! Love the stories, love the pics of M & E's feet/sandals/mud-sprayed legs! Love your adventurous spirits - and Easton's inherited those traits from both of you! We know from experience what a good and precious little boy he is! Love you all! ~ Mom G. xoxo

  2. He is soooo cute! You should come and play in our backyard Ross would love a buddy!

  3. Its about time!!!!!! I love it! I think the 4th of July should be all tradition. Our family could never stick with one and we are trying to come up with one for our kids.

  4. So sweet and so fun! Great pictures We are going on our first camping trip with baby Labor Day Weekend to a Pearl Jam Festival! Yikes!
    Your blog looks awesome! Did you chnage the look recently? I like it