New Memories

SO..i had a blast visiting with my mom and seesters! We did all sorts of things and it was great spending some quality time with a few of my favorite people ♥ We went to see my sister Tanya and her little family in Oregon and lucked out on the was beautiful! We spent the day at Newport are some random pics from that day..good times!
Newport Beach!
My beautiful sisters ♥

{...Dont ask}...i realize we all look quite hideous in this pic, but it was too hilarious not to post! :0)
Me and Tanya

Playing in the sand :0)
Here are some belly pics ♥ little Easton is growing like a weed! And so am I for that matter ;0)

Eating lunch at Joes

Me and my beautiful momma :0)

On the pier..
While we were in Oregon, my gradparents came down to see us for the day! was so good to spend some time with them..i hadnt seen them since my wedding so it was a treat! We chatted and played cards all day...good times!
Me, my mom and grandma Bigelow ♥
The crew ;0)
being silly...what we do best ;0)

I was sad to see my grandparents go but so glad that we got to hang out with them a little! The rest of our visit was spent shopping, herding children around, playing games, watching lame chick flicks and laughing...lots of laughing! :0) After our visit in Oregon we came back to some not so good weather in was nice to see my hubby when i got home though! I think this was the longest time that we've been apart! We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant here and played card games all night. We even attempted making home made ice cream and it was a success! {my grandparents recipe}..SO yummy!

I also taught my sister Tara how to make some metal stamped jewelry..good times :0)

I love spending time with my family and wish they lived closer to me! Anywho, it was sad to see them go but im so glad we got to make some new memories together that we will cherish forever ♥
The End ♥


  1. Cutest belly ever. Adorable invitations by the way. Easton is one lucky baby to be getting you as a mama.

  2. You look so cute! I am glad you got to go to the BEACH!

  3. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time! I love LOVE the pictures. Great pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing. Welcome home honey!

  4. Boy, you sure don't waste any time! I just got home and BAM....there was the whole last week already posted:) I guess now that you are a free woman, you have lots more time;) Now I won't have to post because it's all here! Thank you so much for the wonderful time in Oregon and at your Casa! (Thanks to Matt for letting us "borrow" you AND his baby boy too!)

  5. as beautiful as ever! seriously you are all so gorgeous. You look great pregnant! so fun.

    How is it that Tawnya managed the same exact silly face in two consecutive pictures? Everyone else is different. funny.

    such fun sisters.

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  7. This is Matt's cousin Sydney. I just found your blog and had so much fun reading about all of the exciting things you guys have been up to. Your house looks wonderful and I love Easton's nursery. Please send my love to all of the Gates' crew!

  8. I love the pic of you in the grey shirt that shows off your belly. You look beautiful. I'm starting a food blog again and used one of your templates. You got skillz to pay the bills sista'. Once I get a lot of recipes down I may have to pay you to personalize one for me. You're awesome. Easton will be too.

  9. I'm SO glad you all got to be together! Love all the photos - and, you and Easton are BE-autiful! We're anxious to see you this weekend! Love, Mom G. xoxo
    P.S. SO glad you're getting to know Sydney! :-D

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  11. Your blog is the cutest and your family is beautiful! Congrats on your new baby. Thanks for the stopping by my blog....look forward to following you :)