What a DEAL!

So, Im gunna let you in on a little secret...Utter Covers is having a special where if you buy one of their supercute nursing cover packages and enter in the code: VALENTINE at checkout, it only costs you FIVE bucks plus shipping!...AWESOME! These things are usually $32 plus shipping! Ya gotta love a good bargain ;0)
I bought this one for myself..i ♥ the pattern! Its not very 'boyish' but im sure little Easton wont mind ;0)

So if you or someone you know is having a wee one, you should take advantage of it because it ends March 1st!
P.S...i never thought id get excited about nursing covers! LOL
P.S.S...i plan on learning how to make these myself eventually so i can give them as gifts! But FIRST, i must learn how to use my sewing machine! ;0)


  1. Those are super cute! Great deal!

  2. Oh gosh, these are too adorable! I seriously wish I would've had a nursing cover for the .3 seconds I breastfed my daughter. One time she was screaming and all squirmy and wound up exposing a boob of mine IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MALL. Let's stock up on these for baby #2, shall we?

  3. Thanks for the good laugh Mrs. Priss! :0) Yes, being exposed in the mall sounds quite embarrasing!! You definitely need to get yourself one of those covers! ;0)

  4. Thanks! Just found out I'm expecting and ordered one for myself. Great deal!!!