Christmas and some randomeness

so this year for Christmas Matt and i got to go home and be with our awesome families! Matt had to work on Christmas Eve (poor baby) so i decided to leave a couple days before him...and since i didnt want to drive 2 cars down there and drive 2 cars home, i decided to take the train...yes, the train. I say it that way, because i have never been a fan of public frightens me a little :0) The only previous experience that ive had on the train was years ago...and i got ROBBED while i was taking a nap..SO i was hoping that this trip would turn out better..and it did, however, i still had to endure being sandwiched between complete strangers who smelled funny for 8 hours..not so awesome. Its a miracle that i didnt contract the swine flu or some other disease from being around so many people. BUT i finally made it to good ol' Bakersfield and was relieved to see some familiar faces! I spent Christmas Eve with my family and we had a nice dinner and did the traditional family Christmas program..which consists of singing Christmas songs, a couple musical performances and the 'Santa Letter' read by my dad :0)

Matt drove to Bakersfield after work (2 AM) on Christmas morning and got there around poor hubby was exhausted, but i was so happy to see him! He was my favorite Christmas present ♥

Santa spoiled him for all of his hard work by getting him a PS3! What was Santa thinking?! ;0)

He got me a nice flash for my camera and some other cool things! Penelope enjoyed her first Christmas with the she is with my dad.

I was bummed that my sister Tanya couldnt make it down this year.. but she made us these awesome blankets! Thanks Tans ♥

My other sibs had great present ideas this sis Tara put all of our family home videos onto CDs and my brother Thad made us a cool cookbook full of our grandmas awesome recipes! I need to step it up next year ;0)

After that, we went over to Matt's parents house and spent the day with them..We opened gifts and hung was so nice to relax and chat with everyone! Thanks for the awesome gifts guys! ♥ SO while i was in Bakersfield, i think my belly grew twice the size! Its crazy how fast im growing! Heres a pic of the belly :0)

On Saturday we all went to Rosemarys...For those of you who dont know, Rosemarys just so happens to be the BEST icecream place EVER! I always get their ginormous banana makes me happy ♥ Heres the crew..

One night we were all invited to my brothers house for a yummy dinner...afterwards, little Sammy got his very first haircut ♥

And my grandma got one too :0)

After dinner, Matt and i went to the Gates house, had some icecream and played games until midnight..Good times! And i would have pics of matts fam...if they would let me take them that is ;0) The next day was time to pack up and go (my least favorite part.) We did run a few fun errands and hung out with everyone a little before we left..i was sad to leave but so glad we got to be there for Christmas ♥ Love youguys! Oh and here are some random pics from Matts work Christmas was at a casino and was really fun!

Sorry Ruben ;0)

I hope y'all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ♥


  1. You are one adorable pregnant lady!

    What kind of flash did you get? I'm thinking about getting a speed flash ...

  2. you do not even look pregnant in those Christmas party pictures! Good to see you guys!

  3. Why thank you :0) My hubby got me a Canon Speedlite flash...♥ it. It really makes a difference in the pics i take!

    Britt~ I know right?! i feel like ive gotten HUGE in just a few weeks! Plus, i must confess that i was sucking in a little at the party ;0) It was good to see youguys at Xmas!

  4. What a fun time you guys look so beautiful being pregnant!!!

  5. Sorry, I think I used a lot of the same pics from Christmas:( Oh, well, they were cute enough to view twice:) We love you lots and miss you already!