Nursery Progress!

so Matt and i are SO EXCITED that we are having a baby boy ♥ The ultrasound was an awesome experience and it was so cool to see our little guy moving around in there! Here are some pics from the ultrasound...sorry about the quality though..our scanner is a piece of junk old :0)
(Click pics for bigger image)

i can already tell that he's going to be handsome ♥
Its a boy...heres the proof ;0)

In fact, we are so excited about our new addition that weve been working on the nursery.. alot! Its not finished yet but i LOVE it so far! here is a nasty 'before' picture of the room...
and the much improved Afters!

Here is the crib we bought..

We installed a cool light fixture with a dimmer the baby wont be wide awake (blinded by light) when i come in to feed him at 2am..which i am stoked about :0)

I found this awesome/supernice changing table for only $60 on it! so glad i went with white furniture ♥

Some cute things. Note: that little bear was Matts when he was a baby :0)

I know a girl that makes i am determined to learn how..SO cute ♥

i found these cute abc flash cards at

i ♥ sock monkeys ;0)

So that is our nursery progress..i think its coming along quite nicely :0) Now...all we need is a baby ♥


  1. that is toooo cute! i love it! and i love your cute little belly! the end

  2. what?! You already have all the furniture set up?! And I thought I got crazy about being prepared for these things ;) I love the nursery!

  3. Wow good job!! That is some very funky paint job before. It looks much better now. I love the belly pic! Of course you're an adorable pregnant chick, OF COURSE!!! You're always adorable. Just make sure you save a spot for me to come hold him when he gets here, you promised;)

  4. The nursery looks great! I'm so glad you chose white too. I'm so impressed with how motivated your guys are with the decorating...You have a knack for that sort of thing!

  5. amazing!! you are so cute!! we didnt even finish the babies room till after they were born....

  6. So absolutely adorable (baby, baby room and belly:) Can't wait to see you next week for reals!

  7. Tenille!! I'm sad I missed seeing you too! I wanted to see that cute lil baby tummy :)

    I used scrapblog and then paint to make my header. I've been using the tutorials at sneaky momma blog design!! It is awesome.

    So... where do you make yours? (if you can tell me that cool little secret) Where do you get the collections???

    I love learning new things :)