A year older

o i am a year older now..the ripe age of 24 to be exact. My birthday was on Jan 8th and i definitely feel a little older...which usually i dont..maybe its because im going to be a mommy in a few months..in fact, i know thats why ;0) We went to Fort Bragg..it was nice to get away and explore somewhere we've never been!

We took our children with us..(aka our dogs) and they had a blast running in the sand, playing in the water and eating things they probably shouldnt (aka nasty fly-infested seaweed!) Crazy dogs! Here they are in action..

We also went to a place called Glass Beach. The sand looked like this..

Isnt it pretty?! I spent about an hour collecting cool glass rocks (yes, im a nerd ;0) And we did a little tide-pool exploring..

..a seal even posed for matts picture ;0)

Anywho, that was our beach trip in a nutshell...good times!
And a quick BABY UPDATE...Hes been moving around like CRAZY in there! Ive been able to feel him move for a couple of weeks now and i think its the coolest thing in the world! He likes to move alot at night while im in bed..i love it ♥
A week or so ago matt and took the kids for a walk at the flumes...here are some pics from that adventure..

Daisy and Penny are buddies..its really cute!

and speaking of cute ♥

Thats all folks ♥


  1. oh my gosh i want to go to that glass beach! it looks so cool! we drove by my old house to drop nick off at the crawfords, and drove by your house, well not your house, but your street, when we were down in bako for christmas, and it reminded me that i missed you. and next time we are both down there we need to get together! ps, your belly popped! so cute!

  2. Those glass rocks would make excellent fillers for glass bowls or vases. Now I want to go collect a bunch. You have got to be the most adorable pregnant woman I have ever seen. I am so excited for you!!! Does Matt rub your belly a lot?

  3. Arent those rocks rad?! i want to go back with a big bucket ;0)
    Crust~ i agree..a get together is a must ♥
    Alison~Thank you :0) Matt loves watching/feeling the baby move! We are so excited ♥

  4. Happy birthday!! You look super cute with the preggo belly :))

  5. You're looking great Tenille! I love your bump!

  6. You look so cute. That is so exciting about how you are feeling him kick I thought it would be soon we just missed it. I like to see you are still venturing out and enjoying your children. I know what you mean about feeling older, and you are right it is becoming a mommy. Love you lots and check out my blog.

  7. You look beautiful! Congrats on the baby boy...there is something so special about having a boy!

  8. So awesome to see you at Christmas! You seemed to pop out in just a few days:) Wish we could have felt it move, maybe at your shower! So glad to see that the baby hasn't slowed you down and you are still taking adventures. Love you tons!