Im Back!

Its been a while..and BOY do i have alot of catching up to do! In my defense, life has been a little crazy around these parts lately and isnt slacking what a pregnant woman does best? ;0) Lets see..about a month ago, the parentals and my sister Tara came up to visit us in our new place!

We had such a great time together and it was SO nice having some family around for a change ♥
In the morning, we walked over to the park down the street from our casa for 'Johnny Appleseed Days' :0)

It was a charming little annual fair with lots of stuff to look at and loads of yummy food!

At the fair, my dad put me in a quilt drawing and i won three of them! It was quite exciting :0)

Apparently i needed some more blankets in the house anyway b/c everyone 'froze' at night! My sister got so cold in the middle of the night that she searched our house for some more blankets and only found the next morning she was covered in towels like a bum!..A sight i will not soon forget ;0) LOL! Sorry guys! Needless to say the next couple nights were ALOT warmer!

We also went to Deer Creek for a picnic and a little was way colder than we anticipated so we made a fire...without matches might i add!...Skillz people...skills ;0)

Heres me freezing by our table :0)

Gettin' my line wet...

Dad picking a fly to use...

There were a TON of pictures taken but i forgot to steal them off of my moms camera before she left! Boooo! Anyways i have the most awesome family ever and im so happy that i got to hang out with them for a little while! Come back soon ♥

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  1. That was such a fun weekend! It was quick, but we fit a whole lot into it:) Always good times at the Gates', we just don't do it often enough:( Will try to change that.