Another Kitchen Update!

So we installed a new backsplash a while ago and it looks great! i just havent posted about it because my kitchen has been too messy to take a picture of it...until today that is ;0) Here are some befores...This first one is how we inherited our kitchen...

After we painted the cabinets and installed new hardware...
..Check out that hideous tile backsplash...Scary!

and some new and improved afters!...(With our new DIY backsplash!)

I also made a chalkboard out of an antique mirror i bought at a thrift store for $2...heres the before pic of that..

...and after ♥

Here is our sink area (Matt installed a new faucet.)
My silly kitty...i ♥ her

Thats all folks!


  1. I love the chalkboard idea! It looks super cute!

  2. I love that! The stove area looks so good. Have you sent your DIY's to young house love? They would love your changes. Very stylish!

  3. you are soo talented and crafty!! You look great!

  4. Your kitchen is truly amazing, because I saw it "for reals"! When you tried to explain to me about the picture frame thingy, I had no idea that it would really work! Amazing!

  5. you have officially inspired me to finally get my kitchen re done...mine was like your old one only worse! i have whiteish grey ish marbleish tile backdrops and blah cupboards. its like the ugliest thing youd ever see! you did a great job!

  6. Looking good toons. I love the chalkboard I will have to make one now. I got inspired to try some of my projects after seeing you and I stripped one of the eight chairs in my kitchen and said never again. It still is stripped but I did stain over two of the chairs as they were and haven't done the rest. I guess you also hav to have the time for projects. Love you lots had a great time with you and I love the house.