i heart carving pumpkins...always have! SO,everytime Halloween rolls around Matt and i always make sure we carve pumpkins together!

My handsome hubby...

Yours truly...

..the Lu decided to come help...

..and i decided to give her KISSES!!! :0)

We picked out pumpkin patterns from this book that i had. It rated the difficulty of the patterns..1= easiest..5= hardest. I picked an easy one (a 2) and Matt picked the hardest one (a 5) I finished mine in no time and got to listen to Matt grumble and complain for an hour..heheh Love you Matt! ;0) Needless to say, his hard work paid off..his looked WAY better than mine! Here is the finished result!

Can you guess which one is mine? ;0)
Thats all folks!


  1. How fun! I love carving pumpkins. How are you feeling?

  2. Love the pumpkins! You guys are truly amazing (you should see the one I painted at FHE.....not too exciting).