Halloween Fun!

So, i had to work on Halloween unfortunately however i didnt let it ruin my day and of course i dressed up! ;0)

..every good witch needs a cat sidekick ;0)

...it was easy and semi-comfortable costume for work. (The heels lasted for approximately two haircuts..good thing i brought some comfy shoes just in case ;0) My awesome husband brought me lunch at work and bought a good scary movie for us to watch that night...The Decent.

Dont be fooled by the nasty cover...this movie is by far the SCARIEST movie ive seen in a LONG time! I DARE anyone who is brave enough to rent this movie and watch it! I am 100% sure it would scare.you.to.death!

In fact...i double dare ya!


  1. cute costume. . . I will not be taking you up on your dare. We don't do scary movies around here. Vampire Diaries are about as scary as I get ;)

  2. Nice tenille ha You are a good witch. But not in a bad way. ha I bet matt was a...... COP? He is so creative ha ha Tell him hi. I owe him a phone call. Miss you guys

  3. Great outfit! Unlike your mother, you are a pretty witch (no green face:). Thank you for sharing!

  4. Aw, Tenille, you're so pretty! I'm so happy for you guys too! You're going to be like the perfect pregnant woman!