Vote YES on Proposition 8!

If it wasnt for Proposition 8, i probably wouldn't even vote this year because im not impressed with EITHER of the Presidential Canditates. However, i feel as though this proposition will affect our lives as much if not more than the next President will. If you arent familiar with Proposition 8 please click on the link that i provided earlier in this post and you will see why it is SO IMPORTANT to get out there and vote YES on PROP. 8!


  1. I wish that I lived in California so that I could vote on proposition 8 just because I feel like not only will it effect all of you out there but also all of us throughout the nation eventually. I just posted 4 video links on my blog about proposition 8 and about voting in general that I think you'd find informative and actually quite disturbing. Especially the 1st one! You should check them out!

    PS I love your blog. I wish I was as tech savvy as you are but I just get all I have from thecutestblogontheblock. :)

  2. I love how pretty you made this topic with your design skills. LOVE YOU.

  3. Oh and I agree with you about Proposition 8. I like a lot of things about Barak Obama actually, and him and Biden say they are just for having equal rights and don't want gays to be married, but I feel like that stance is just for the election and seems fishy. Plus, I'm sure when he gets the chance, he'll elect the most liberal judges to the supreme court and he won't have to be accountable for their beliefs necessarily. I think Prop. 8 thing is one of the only things that keeps me from voting for a Democrat. I love John, but he's been disappointing me.

  4. did you make that banner????? Can I put it on my blog?

    Where did you learn to design? You are really amazing, I hope you know. Do you design for others? Could I pay you to design a banner or a business card?

    I wish my vote was still in CA- dang it.