Recent Life Short Stories ♥

A couple weeks ago, Matt and i went to a cute little mountain town called Placerville to apply for their PD. Here are some pics of downtown..

This is where we ate was yummy :0)

Tahoe is only 45min away from Placerville and since ive never been to Lake Tahoe we decided to GO! Heres some scenery along the way.

We made it to Tahoe in no time :0) The Lake was beautiful but i didnt like the town..too ritsy for my taste..Half the town is in Nevada so there were big casinos there..Anywho, here are some pics of the Lake ♥

The other day, there was an airshow here in Chico..Matt and i stopped by to watch them are some pics i took..

COOL huh? :0)
My mom asked me to make her some digital scrapbook pages for her BYU college they are ♥

Yesterday i went to a place called Rock Creek with a friend from work and gave her her first fly fishing lesson :0) We caught a couple fish..and a lizzard and had a really fun time! Today i am sore from all the hiking :0) here are some pics from the day.This is a fish i caught

Sarah reelin' one in!

Sarah after she FELL in :0) LOL

This is where her hubby proposed ♥

I told Sarah how to catch a Lizzard with a fly pole and she caught one!! It tried to bite me when i took the hook out!..guess i cant blame him ;0)

Hes just chillaxin :0)

Good times...



  1. okay, those scrapbooking pages are really cute. And I totally vote for placerville. I have a friend up there and she and her husband really like it, plus you are that close to beautiful Tahoe! Where else has Matt applied?

  2. You are so busy! Your scrapbook stuff is darling! I've wanted to get into the ditgal scrapboking but I don't seem to find the time! :(

  3. Hey Bebe...I like your hat. Lake Tahoe is the coolest.

  4. Nice adventures. We meaning you and matt and I are in a major fight. I tried to call him before and while i was in California and no response. I wanted to drop by. I haven't talked to you guys forever. Hope all is well

  5. Wow! That was quite the post! Lots of stuff goin' on with you guys, as usual. Thanx again for the beautiful pages....everyone was blown away:) Can't wait to come and see you guys and give you a big hug;) We made it home from Utah and had a wonderful time with family and friends.
    The lizard thing was totally Tenille:) No matter how beautiful you are, you will always be a tomboy(thanks to Thad:)

  6. hey sis, that has to be the LONGEST blog I have ever read!! My gosh your life looks like fun! :) How the heck do you do those scrapbooking pages, that looks easier than actually having to cut and glue things to a page ;)

  7. I love your mom's wedding picture, so cute!

  8. I have seen your blog a few times. You guys are always on some type of an adventure! I love it!