Fun With MOM ♥

My mom came down to Chico for a little visit and we had so much fun! She stayed with us for a few days and then drove up to Oregon to visit my sister Tanya.It was nice to have a few days off from work and spend time with my madre! Here are some exciting things that we did together :0) WARNING: we took LOTS of pictures ♥ First things first, mom needed a haircut. Here she is after i worked my magic ;0)

My mom enjoys puzzles so we brought one to the park and put it together while we relaxed under the big trees and listened to the woodpeckers chirp.

...the finished product :0)

After that we went to visit the kitties at the animal shelter. They were SO cute!
...Good thing mom was there to tell me 'no' when i wanted to take one home ;0)

We looked at Antiques at my mom's 'favorite' consignment store in Paradise then we drove up to Paradise Lake. We were basically the only ones out there and it was so peaceful and quiet.

My mom taught me how to loom knit (my new addiction) while we sat on a wooden bench enjoying the scenery and the company ♥.

On day three Matt and i decided to take mom to Lassen Volcanic Park! Here are some pics from our adventure! Here we are at the park visitors center :0)

Here we are at the steaming sulfur pits.

Taking in the was such a beautiful day!

heres a pic of Mount Lassen..

Here we are at Emerald Lake

We went to Manzanitta lake for a picnic..i made peanut butter and honey sandwiches on my lap :0)

Heres a taste of Matts photography skillz :0)

i love that boy ♥

"No pictures please" ;0) (i made that beanie!)

All in all we had a fabulous time together..Thanks for coming up to play, Mom! we ♥ you!!


  1. How fun to have your mom visit! Your blog is looking cute! Where do you get all your paper and stuff?

  2. Wow, just you and your mom? It looks like you had so much fun! I think I need to slow down and do little fun things like you did more often! My mom came and took care of me after I had surgery 2 weeks ago, she cooked and cleaned, but I don't remember much of it:(

  3. Thank you ♥ i get my paper from all over the place...if you notice on the left side of my blog i have alot of digital stores that i like and buy from :0)

  4. that looks like such a fun trip! you live in a really pretty place, especially with you being all out doorsy and stuff :)