Easter Fun

So Matt and i drove to Bako to be with the fam for easter. It was SO great to see everyone and we had a blast! Heres me and my sibs -1 (miss u tans!)

and my bonita Mamasitta :0)

We stayed with mom and dad gates and got to spend lots of time catching up! They did an easter egg hunt for Matt, Me and Andy (matt's brother)..hey..you're NEVER too old for easter-egg hunts! :0)

Then we went to Matt's family ward for church. After that we went to my parents house for dinner. I insisted that we dye eggs..It was fun..and messy :0)

Dinner time!! Mom did a great job on the turkey :0)

After dinner..we (i mean the easter bunny) hid eggs and candy for the kids to find :0)

Arent they cute!? After that we all hung out in the backyard..ate some more food and chatted..And i cut some mops :0)

I couldnt have asked for a better Easter..it was fabulous! While we were in town we also got to attend the reception of one of my best girlfriends..she looked beautiful and im so happy for her and her new hubby!!

Biggie D was there too..hes the red lobster in the middle ;0)

it was so good to see the familiar faces of friends and family!


  1. Too bad we missed you. I forgot you guys were coming to town. Sounds like you had a busy and fun time though.

  2. You're looking lovely as usual Tenille. Glad you had a Happy Easter.

  3. hey girly! gotta say you're a pro with all these cute blog decorations. any chance you can explain to me how to change the font for my entries on my blog? i think its too hard to read the way it is now, but i have no idea how to change it! by the way your new pup is adorable!!!

  4. Oh Tenille, you're so pretty! Glad to see your Easter went well.

  5. yeah i saw that website you have on your site about the font. i went there but all it did was change the font of the labels and stuff, but not the font of the actual postings. know what im talking about

  6. It was totally awesome to have you here for Easter:) Fun to "play" and see your new "baby" Daisy! Great times, memories, food & fun. Can't wait to come up and see your new casa:)
    love, momb

  7. wow. it looks like you had a great easter! :) I'm jealous! i love the picture of the kids, super cute!! :)

  8. Look like you guys had a fun easter!!!!