So Matt and i decided to go to Eureka because we havent been there before and we heard that it was pretty..and it was :0) It was so good to see the beach and Daisy got to experience the ocean for the first time.
I had fun taking pictures..heres Daisy being a model ;0)

We hiked along the beach and explored the tide pools :0)

We went to the Redwood Forest and hiked a trail through HUGE trees..

I saw this sign and was intrigued...

..C'mon..ya GOTTA get close! ;0)

We checked out a place called 'Fern Canyon.' It was a little canyon in the redwoods covered in was muy bonita :0)

Good times :0)

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  1. Hey, looks like things are going well for you and your hubby. Glad to hear it!
    Kern River Branch is now held in the same building as your sister's ward. I kept seeing her around the building and thinking to myself, "Who does that woman remind me of?" It was you I was thinking of!
    Anyway, things are going okay here in Bakersfield. Though there's always room for improvement. ;o)
    The KRB is completely different now, there are some of the same people, but there's enough new people that you almost feel like you're meeting new people every week.
    Anyway, I have to go, but it is good to catch up with you.