Lu-Lu's First Visit to the Vet

So weve been treating our cat Lu Lu for fleas for a while and thought it was working until one day we noticed a worm coming out of our little Lu Lu..We were pretty grossed out and concerned so we decided to take Lu to the vet for the first time :0)

She sat patiently on the exam table and waited for the Doc to come in.

The Doc came in and Lu cooperated really well.We weighed her and she is 9 pounds!..which makes sense because she is constantly eating.What a fatty :0)
We also had her stiches from being spayed removed. She gave us medicine for her ear mite problem and pills to get rid of fleas and worms...Anyways she did a really good job at the doc and we were very proud of our cute little Lu ;0)

P.S. Shes all better now! :0)


  1. I love how you talk about your pets like they're your children. It must be good practice:)

  2. "i am your daughter" haha
    cute little lu-lu...sounds like she was a trooper!

  3. next time try giving the cat a bath once in awhile.