More Fishing!

So Matt and i did some fishing last week and we found a pretty good spot! We were on our way to Lake Almanor (1 hour away) to go tube fishing and on the way up we noticed some good lookin' water in Deer Creek that we havent fished yet!! Crazy i know :0) As we set up our poles, a bored roadworker with missing teeth came up to us and said that he saw a lot of fish in the river and that some were just planted the day before.We got down to the river and boy was he right..there was a TON of fish! Matt caught the first one..It was BIG :0)

...and SliPpeRy ;0)

I caught a good size fish too! My favorite part is holding the fish :0)

..and taking pictures with them ;0)

We decided to go try our luck at the lake..and we've yet to catch a fish on our tubes! We didnt care though becuase we had already caught some fishies earlier :0)


  1. The fish really are pretty and I can see why you don't eat 'em!! Although, with fish that big I would have been sorely tempted to have a nice meal of trout! I love your new format for your blog - it's always so cute! Good job!
    Love, Mom Gates

  2. So Tenille...Do you eat all of the fish you catch? You must have your share of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.:) That makes for great skin.

  3. Nevermind...I just read your mom's comment that you don't eat them. Just killing for sport;) Ha. Just kidding. HOpe you are well. Miss you.

  4. You guys amaze me! You are so adventurous and never just sit around:) It makes me so happy to know that you are enjoying being together and also having fun outside! We love you!

  5. tenille, i watched this and it was suprising

  6. Hey Tenille...funny story...I was looking at your friend links to see if I knew anyone and I looked at "The Cutlers" and their brother, (Brady Cutler,) lives next store to us with his wife and we hang out all the time. Small world.