Our Visitors

So a couple weeks ago (im a slacker..i know)Matt and i finally got some visitors here in Chico! Matts parents and brother came down to see us :0) They finally got to see our apartment and also got the grand tour of Chico ;0) We went out to dinner together and had alot of fun chatting and spending time together.

The next day we decided to show them what we like most about living here...the MoUnTaInS!! We all went to Deer Creek and went fishing of course!(Were determined to get the Gates hooked on fishin'):0)

..Heres me teaching Andrew how to tie a fly.^^^
..Dad Gates has mad casting skills ;0)

Dad got to try out his new fly pole and caught his first fish on it!

It was alot of fun to be around family..i wish we got to see the fam more often! We had a little picnic when we were done fishing and then they hit the road back to Bako.

We were sad to see them go but glad they came to see us! After they left we had MORE visitors! My sister Tara and her family were on their way to Mount Shasta for a Krumm family reunion and needed a place to crash for the night! So Tara, Jacob and their 5 rugrats crammed into our tiny appartment for the night...lets just say it was cozy ;0)We ordered pizza and had fun catching up. Then we decided to take the kids to the park for a while.

..I think Jacob had more fun on the toys than the kids did..LOL My brother-in-law is awesome :0) After that everyone was pretty tired so we headed back to the appartment and winded down. Little Lu-Lu had 'fun' with the children..Ive never seen her hide so much :0)

They headed to Mount Shasta in the morning and spent the week there..heres a pic from their camping trip..

Anywho it was a pretty busy weekend for us but theres nothing better than hanging out with Family!! And for the record: If anyone wants to come up here to visit..you are welcome to do so AND you have a place to stay :0)


  1. maybe you guys should move back!!!

  2. How long does it take to get to Chico from here? Jesus and Patrick and I could use a road trip.