Lost Wedding Band

So one day Matt and I decided to go to the mountains and swim in the river. We hiked around until we found a nice deep swimming hole..which was only accessible if you climbed down this really steep cliff.We were both in sandals and therefore almost tumbled down the mountain a couple times..SO we finally get there and get in the water..The pool was pretty big and deep.

We swam around for a while and had some fun. There were a million little fish in the pool and they would follow us around and nibble at our legs..i was fine with it until the little fish's big brothers came and started nibbling too..it kinda hurt! Anywho now we get to the good part..SO after were done swimming and we get out, Matt looked at his hand and started freaking out..guess what...his wedding ring was GONE!!! He was pretty sure that he had it on before we went swimming! We didnt want to panic so we calmly got back in the water and started searching.....nothing.

It was getting dark so we left and decided to go back the next day to continue the search. We went and bought goggles that night to bring with us next time..Matt woke up at 4am that morning and decided to drive down there and look for it as soon as the sun came up...no luck...he came home soaking wet and cold :0( We both had to work that day SO after we got off, we grabbed the goggles and headed to the river.We could see really well with the goggles in the water...There were huge boulders everywhere and big logs...it kinda creeped me out to tell you the truth..ive always thought that stuff in the water was erie.We searched for an hour or so..Im pretty sure we covered every inch of that place..heres me in action :0)

SO to make a long story short..we didnt find it in that swimming hole..we were pretty sad until later that night at home..We found it in our room!!..it must have slipped off and without Matt noticing! We were SO relieved and Matt was no longer in the dog house ;0) I just laugh at the thought of floating around in that river for hours and climbing up and down that CLIFF a million times all for nothing LOL kinda humorous I guess you could call it spending quality time with my husband :0)

...Nice goggles huh? hahah


  1. HAHAHAHA.... that story is hilarious.
    and to make you feel better, i lost camerons wedding ring the day of our wedding, luckily we had the standby 12$ ring from walmart , than he LOST that one when we were in UT so we had to buy him another 12$ one, THAN britt found the REAL one and sent it to us, than he BROKE the real one showing his friends how cool it was to bounce it, so we had to get him another one, which if he loses, his life on this earth he loses as well :)
    GOOD TIMES! silly boys.

  2. Haha. This story cracked me up Tenille. I loved the pic of you in the watter with the goggles.:) Glad you finally found Matt's bling.

  3. Oh Matt.....sounds like something I would do.You guys are just too cute. Tenille, give him a big ol' hug for me. I wish we had you guys around.

  4. that pic of you floating with shoes and a pfd is the most pathetic thing i think i have ever seen. the last pic looks like matty was crying, haha. you guys should move back to bako then maybe you wouldnt lose anymore rings.