Valentines Day aDvEnTuRe

So one day i was cutting some old guys hair and was told about this 'huge waterfall' you can hike up to about 30min away from chico called Feather sounded pretty cool to me so i started asking around about it and most of the ppl said that they havent hiked it because they heard it was a really hard that night i told matt about it and we decided to go on an aDvEnTuRe for valentines day :0) It had been raining earlier in the week so we were afraid that it would be rainy and muddy but we were pleasantly supprised when we woke up to discover a beautiful day perfect for hiking :0)The hike was 8.5 miles round trip and although difficult it was one of the best hikes ive ever been on! Along the way there were smaller waterfalls to see..bridges to cross and awesome views! when we got to the falls there were salamanders all over because of the moisture and of course..i HAD to pick them up ;0) I was suprised how big the waterfall actually was..its 640 feet tall! Matt got mad at me as i tried to climb closer and closer to it..we started heading back when the rain clouds started coming in..the trail back was WAY harder than the one we came on because it was ALL UP HILL!! my favorite :0/ but it was still was definately a good,much needed workout! :0)

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