So, i was told that i had fallen off the face of the planet since Matt and i got married so i figured that this blog thing wasnt such a bad idea to help keep my family and friends updated about my new life as the married Mrs. Tenille Gates :0) Well first of all, Matt and i couldnt be happier together!!! Since we moved up North to Chico "real life" has come into
play and weve been working(me at SuperCuts and Matt at Jiffy-Lube) while Matt goes to school at Butte College. Chico is a very pretty place..its green with alot of trees (foreign objects to Bakersfieldians) ;0)Needless to say we find ourselves trying to get outdoors as much as possible. Theres a 3,600 acre mountain area called Bidwell Park around the corner from us..we go there to hike along the river and explore..i heard there are some old indian caves there that we've yet to discover. Last week it was really windy so we went there to try out our kite-flying skills and play Bocce Ball!! it was fun stuff :0) Our ward here is a pretty good one. We already have callings..Matt is a Scout leader and i teach in Primary. Its been a good experience so far and those kids sure keep me busy...i think well wait quite a while before we have one of those ;0) Anyways im off to go cut some hair at work..ta ta for now!

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