New Car

Im sure most of you know the story of why we only had one car when we were married ;0) and with both of us having conflicting work schedules and Matt also going to school we soon realized that we needed another car...and then the search began :0) at first we were just going to get a clunker that would get me from point A to point B so we looked on craigslist,Auto trader and every other place you can think of for something that would first we were going to buy an old BMW which i was totally fine with but then decided that we dont want to get something that we would need constant fixing SO we started looking for something a little nicer and more reliable and fell in love with the new beetle! Its a 2002 RED limited edition turboSport 6-speed in excellent condition with a sunroof, two tone black/grey leather bucket seats and 210 horsepower! its fast and so fun to drive! the guy selling it lived in the Bay Area so we took a trip down there and decided to get it..the payments arent that bad and i dont mind driving this car for a looong time :0)