Annual 4th of July Camping Trip!

One of our family traditions is going camping at Lake Almanor for the 4th of July! This year we had SO.MUCH.FUN! I was worried about camping for a couple nights with the monsters kiddos but they were great! Happy kids=happy parents! :0) SO we drove up to Lake Almanor with the Happy Camper hoping/praying that we would find a camping spot once we got there! (fingers and toes crossed!) We were lucky enough to find the PERFECT spot! The rest of the campground was completely full and this beautiful spot just happened to be waiting just for us! :0) Easton was SUPER excited to be camping!!! :0)
I dont think ive posted pics of inside our camper...these arent so great but you get the idea! ;0)
ANYwho once we got settled in our spot...we decided to make some hobo packs! (a.k.a. our staple camping meal :0) We all hung out while we waited for the food to cook on the fire :0)
...If you ever wonder where Everett gets his grumpy face from ;0)
While dinner was cooking, the boys came up with their own game. The "Lets put dirty sticks in our mouths!" game ;0) 
and...i LET them! Hey, that is a perfectly acceptable activity when camping!  ;0)
Everett LOVES his big brother SO.MUCH and is always watching, following, copying, terrorizing him! Easton doesnt like it now but i think that one day they will be best buddies :0)
After we ate we went into town. Its such a cute little town up in the mountains and they have a parade every 4th. We ate some yummy food and walked around. Then we went to our favorite spot on the Lake. Its a nice little beach area that is never super busy and has a great view of the fireworks! We swam, went for a walk up the trail, and played in the sun together all day! It was so nice and relaxing! Here we are havin a good ol' time :0)
The fireworks start at 9pm (which is kinda late with little kids!) but it was an awesome show and the boys LOVED watching all of the the fireworks over the water :0) Snuggling with my boys and watching the fireworks was definitely one of the highlights of the my boys! We went back to camp and put the boys to bed. We stayed up and made smores, roasted marshmallows and admired all of the stars! The next day we spent exploring and swimming! Easton always seemed to be holding something alive at all times! 
my sweet little boy...
...its a good thing we brought the wagon...we used it a LOT! :0)
That night we made hotdogs together and roasted marshmallows before we all went to bed :0) The next morning i made pancakes for breakfast (on our now WORKING stove--thanks hunny! ;0) 
Camping is so much easier with kids when you have a little trailer! We were super sad to leave but happy that a good time was had by all! Cant wait for our next camping adventure! :0)


  1. Oh my goodness, your trailor is too cute! What a fun trip too!

  2. I'm SO glad you had such a good time! It's a great July 4 tradition for your family! Great pics! xoxoxoxo

  3. That is the cutest trailer I have ever seen in my life! Looks like you guys had a great time. Camping is the best!

  4. I love your trailer!!!! Its so cute!!! We just tried camping for the first time since moving to Texas and now we want to make it a tradition but we were thinking a little camper would be great for the kids and especially since it gets so dang hot at night.

  5. Sssssssssssshhhh!! Don't tell anyone (esp. your hubby the POLICEMAN!!) but I'm coming late one night and stealing your AWESOMELY CUTE trailer!!! Great pics!!! LOVE your blog...
    Much love from Ohiooooo!

  6. Didn't know you did a blog about your trip! Since we just got back from our reunion where you displayed your cute trailer (even though it was in the sun most of the time!) and everyone walking by had to see it! We had so much fun and played so well together with all the cousins with the boats and the beach on the lake. Many great memories with aunts, uncles and great grandparents will be treasured for years to come! Thanks for helping make it so wonderful (sorry your super cute slingshots weren't done in time to "enjoy"...though we may have avoided broken windows and children:)