Recent Memories

So i was looking through the pictures on my camera and realized that i should blog about some of this stuff that weve been doing! Here are a couple little trips that we took a few couple months ago that got overlooked somehow ;0) We took Easton on a little hike in the mountains.
We used our Kelty backpack and he did great in it!Our little man sure loves to be outside ♥ He must get that from his mommy and daddy ;0) It must have been lady bug season because there were thousands of them everywhere! Here they are crawling all over my arm!
These pictures make me feel a little was cool but kinda gross at the same time ;0)

Matt and i brought our fishing poles along with us but neither of us did much fishing...we were having way too much fun with our CUTE baby boy!

We also took a little day trip to the snow...

well..we were on our way to Bucks lake but the roads were too snowy and we couldnt make it there so we stopped and played in it for a while!..Easton loved his first snow experience :0)

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  1. I just love your adventurous spirits! Give that baby lots of nibbles from us! Great photos and stories! Thanks for sharing! Love, Mom G. xoxo