Visitors and the New Toy!

So last week we had some visitors! Well...they didnt really come to see US but a certain cute baby boy ;0) Easton loved spending time with his Grandma and Grandpa Gates ♥
While they were up here we played around on our new toy! Matt and i recently got ourselves a 15foot fishing boat and are having a blast with it! Heres Grandma and Easton on the lake :0)
...and here is our new toy! We decided to get a fishing boat because we thought it would be a fun family friendly activity for us and little Easton ♥
We explored the lake a little bit and had a picnic on a little grassy island in the middle of the lake. Here are a couple picks of Easton..
This one cracks me up..grouchy face ;0)
The grandparents were nice enough to watch Easton on the island while Matt and i took the boat for a spin and did a little fishing..heres Captain Matt! ;0)
That was a fun day! Matts parents were here for a few days and we had a great time with them! We played games, relaxed, ate some good food and watched little Easton being his cute self ♥
I made him his first 'fort' out of his car seat box ;0)
Here he is hangin out with momma...who has paint all over her hand from a project ;0)
Here he is sleeping on me in the boat a couple days sweet ♥
Love this boy...

Easton just cut two more teeth! Now he has two on bottom and two on top..SOOO cute! He is eating more 'people food' now which has been messy fun :0) He is also crawling and i think he will be walking soon! He is such an amazing little boy and its been so fun to see him progress and change everyday! He is starting to look more and more like a little boy! Where did my tiny BABY go?! :0)


  1. Aww, now....we DO come to see our little Easton, but we LOVE seeing you and Matthew, too!!! We love your darling little family! It was fun being there - we had a great time! Thanks for having us there - hope to see you ALL again soon!! Love, Mom G.(and Dad)xoxo

  2. I thought the box was the new toy! ha! he already loves cardboard! and i LOVE the paint hand picture. classic. such a darling family.

  3. So fun to see new pics of your cute little family:) But now it makes me sad to not be there in person:( Like you guys needed something to stay busy! You guys are the most adventurous couple I know. We will have to come up and play too:) I think that boy just gets cuter and cuter!!!

  4. you guys have been busy! Easton really is starting to look like a toddler these days ;)