Lazy Days=the Best ♥

So Matt and i had another day off together and we decided to go exploring :0) As we were driving in the mountains we found a little craft fair..

Tye-dye anyone? ;0) It was a really pretty day and so we strolled around the park..

The playground at the park had teeter totters!! I couldnt help myself..and Matt humored me ;0) I havent seen one of those in forever! Why are park toys so lame these days?

Then we went here...

..they call it the 'high desert.' We also went here...

(Eagle Lake.) We hung out on the beach and i had fun finding shells :0)

We relaxed in the sun and read some magazines...

Everything was peachy until the wind picked up and we kept getting sand blasted!!! Strong wind + sand = PAIN! So we left...and went to Lake Almanor. Matt hung out on the beach while i got my fix ;0)

...chillin with the hubby ♥

This is the fish i caught later that night..the fish there like to eat when it gets dark!

So that sums up our lazy day! The End :0)


  1. You DO realize that your "lazy days" are not like MOST people's lazy days, don't you???! :-D We all need to take lessons from you two!!! I especially like the see-sawing! Doug and I agree about the new playground stuff being lame. LOVE the old stuff! (Like at Hart Park!) Love, Mom and Dad G. xoxoxoxo

  2. Always so fun to see a new "adventure" from the Gates clan:) You guys amaze me....always doing or planning to do something or go somewhere! Wish we lived closer so we could tag along:)
    love, momb

  3. I did take your mom and sis rafting. I made sure to splash them for you guys!!!