Our 4th ♥

So Matt and i decided to go here on the 4th...

Lake Almanor is really pretty and we spent alot of time doing this...

...it was nice to relax and do nothing! I made a flag out of rocks on Matts back while he was lounging...he enjoyed it thoroughly ;0)

We did a little of this too while we waited for it to get dark...

Thats me fishing out on my float tube :0) July is a good time for flyfishing on Lake Almanor because in July there is a 'hatch' of little bugs called 'hex flies'. They hatch under water when the sun goes down and float to the surface..causing the fish to go crazy! We were just chillin on the beach, taking cool pictures like these...when all of the sudden...!!!

We heard a commotion in the water...fish were jumping all over the place! We were out in the water with our poles in record speed :0) By this time it was really dark and we could barely see what we were doing. Within a couple minutes i heard matt catch a fish...his pole was bent all the way down and it was fighting pretty hard which means...there was a MoNsTeR fish on the other end! I started walking in to go get my camera and WhAm...i caught one too!! So we were both realing in fish at the same time!!...However, sadly, Matts fish got loose right as he was reaching down to pick it up :0( He said it was humungo though. Heres a pic with matt and my fish..it wasnt huge but it was still fun to catch!

Soon after that the fireworks started and we sat back and enjoyed the show...

..it was so cool to watch the fireworks over the lake. We liked our day so much i think it might become a tradition :0) The next day, we did a little fishing on the Feather River and i caught this bad boy!

The perfect ending to a perfect weekend ;0) Thats all folks! ♥


  1. That sounds like fun toon. I would go back every year too it looks like you were there all alone how does that happen with an awesome view of fireworks too? Glad you had fun. See you next month!

  2. I love to read and see the pics on your blog:) You always have a great story to tell and awesome pictures to go with it! Thanks for posting so we can share in your fun times.
    love, momb