Sorry i havent posted in a has been a little crazy lately! So we FINALLY found a cute little house to buy! Our offer was accepted and we are in escrow right now...which means we will be able to move in about a month from now! WooHOO! It is in a great neighborhood in a beautiful mountain town called Paradise...(cool name huh) and we cant wait to move there!! I dont have a ton of pics but here are a couple :0)


  1. A darling home for the Gates'!!! And, a big yard for the Daisy Dawg!
    You will make it a wonderful home for you and Matthew and ??? :-D
    Love, Mom (and Dad) G.
    P.S. You can get inexpensive boxes at Goodwill!

  2. That is a really cute home! It's so fun to buy your first home, but also a lot of stressful work when going to closing. Enjoy it! It's super fun to decorate too! Make sure you keep posting pics of it! Congratulations.

  3. Very cute house! Congratulations. I can't wait till we are able to buy our first house :-)

  4. doesnt look at all like those homes in your book I made you. What gives!?


  5. It is so exciting to get your first home. I remember our first home; I think the people got tired of us wanting to come by and look "again" at our house while it was in escrow:) You guys will love it and I can't wait to come up and visit!
    Love, momb