i Heart the Fair!

SO the 'Silver Dollar Fair' is in town and one of my favorite clients gave me free week passes and a million ride tickets(super nice of her) b/c her husband is the fair manager. So Matt and i went today and had some fun :0)

We ate some delicious fattening fair food and then gave the animals a visit! i LOVE looking at the fair animals dont you?! I want one of these ;0)

Isnt she cute?

And speaking of CUTE...just look at these piglets! ♥

..Heres Matt and i 'making friends' ;0)

Look...its Wilbur!

The animal owners thought i was taking pictures for the newspaper b/c i had a nice camera! ;0)
We couldnt stay very long b/c Matt had to work SO were going on another fair date tomorrow night to ride the rides and such! I ♥ the fair!


  1. I'm so glad that you guys got a break to go play:) You have both been so busy what with work and looking for your first casa:) Tenille has always loved the animals at the fair, glad to see that Matt does too! Hope you had fun the next night as well.
    Love, momb

  2. haha my neighbors have a goat...it mows the lawn. i want a little pigmy one haha! your fair is early!

  3. how fun!!! these animals pics are toooo cute!
    {it's pics like the cute ones of the pigs that helped push me over the edge to b/c a vegetarian last yr! lol}

    Your blog designs are great!!