♫ The Happiest Place On Earth ♪♪

For my birthday (January 8th) Matt and i decided to go to DISNEYLAND!

We packed Daisy LuLu and our bags in our VW bug and hit the road. Mom and Dad Gates were nice enough to take care of our 'kids' in Bakersfield while we were at Disneyland and also made reservations for us to stay at the Embassy Suites..a SUPER nice hotel near Disneyland..youguys are awesome! We had a killer view from our room :0) The next day (my birthday) we woke up bright and early and got to Disneyland right when it opened. We decided to explore California Adventures first since neither of us had been there before...it was awesome!

We went on most of the rides and had tons of fun! The best part was that the lines werent long at ALL..which made it all the better :0) Here are some pics of us at California adventures...

I thought THIS was interesting..a shoutout to B-Town! ;0)

Tower of Terror was super fun..we lost a bag on this ride (it flew off Matt's lap when the elevator dropped us) but they eventually found it and sent it to us a week or so later with free stuff too! All is well that ends well :0) The other pic was the one that the ride took of us..

Buzz Lightyear was one of our FAVORITES..if you couldnt tell ;0)

A Bugs Life was surprisingly fun!

Heres me and Goofy ♥
After we explored California adventures we went to Disneyland. The lines weren't all that bad there either! We went on most of the classics..

Space Mountain

The Tea Cups!

Pirates! "(i wasnt supposed to take pictures on that ride :0) "AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH"

Splash Mountain

Indiana Jones

Sleeping Beauty's Castle ♥


I talked Matt into riding on the carousel with me ;0)

This is what Matt ate for lunch..a big hunk o' meat..i thought it was HILARIOUS! We played all day and didnt leave until the park closed around 8:30! We had such a good time and it was by far my best birthday EVER!♪☼♫

After we left Disneyland we ate at Claim Jumpers and drove back to Bakersfield. We stayed in Bako for a few days and just hung out with family and friends..that was alot of fun too! I was able to go to my little niece Andy's birthday party! I got her a little tinker bell doll and she loved it! For my birthday, my mom got me a few Disney movies to add to my collection..thanks mom! All in all it was a great-much needed vacation!

"The End"


  1. we are taking Andi in march and I just showed her these pictures and I think now she gets it now and is super excited!

  2. Looks like you had so much fun! I love Disneyland. Happy birthday!!!

  3. You are the premier picture taker....you even surpass your crazy mother! So fun to always see what you come up with on your blog (you got your creativity from your dad, i guess:)

  4. So jealous!! I love disneyland. I really want to go without kids! But we are going in march, so i am way excited to take my maggie!

  5. So you don't update your blog for a million years and then, BAM, tons of posts.:) Congrats to Matt for starting his career, and it looks like you had a fun time at Disneyland. I'm impressed by the amount of pictures you have together, even though you went by yourselves!:) Love you!