My 100th post ♫ ♥

It was so nice out today that we decided to go for a walk at Table Mountain.

Daisy dog came too...

While gallivanting in the fields she spotted something she had never seen before...


She quickly decided that the heffers looked rather bored and that she should CHASE them!!!

and chase them she DID...

Matt and i were rolling with laughter! She came sprinting back to us so proud of the 'friends' she just made! :-)

A few minutes later..Daisy dog was ready for round 2...and so were the heffers! :-)

(The Showdown)

She must be very brave or very stupid....Here we go again!!


When the heffers stopped running FROM Daisy Dog and started running AT Daisy was time to go! She will miss her new friends..however im quite certain they will not miss HER ;-)



  1. ONLY the Daisy Dawg!!! I busted up! I can just picture you two bustin' a gut, too! You do a great job with your super-duper camera! Glad you had so much fun. Next time put a red sweater on Daisy - supposedly cows HATE red! (I am so diabolical! But, you already knew that!!!) :-D Love, Mom Gates

  2. ha ha ha That is such a rad dog to chase cows like that. Bet it was better to be there. I love that picture of the tree. looks like you love your camera

  3. That is so funny! 100th post congrats!

  4. That was so fun to watch the story unfold:) You take such awesome pics
    (is it the camera or the pic taker?) keep those pics coming!