I know...im a SLACKER!

WHERE do i start? Lets see...Matt and i had our TWO YEAR wedding anniversary on Nov. 25th ♥ I cant believe its already been 2 years!! I bought Matt a new fly rod and reel for the occasion and he bought me a nice zoom lens for my camera :0) Mom and Dad Gates came up to Chico for Thanksgiving and we had a blast cooking and spending some quality time together.

(NOTE:i DID take pictures of mom and dad gates..however, hey dont want the whole world to see :0)
I cooked my FIRST Thanksgiving turkey and managed to not burn the house down! It actually turned out perfecto!

Thanksgiving dinner was delish and it was nice to spend the holiday with family ♥ I needed a good pic of Matt and i for our 2008 Christmas card so mom got to be the photographer ;0) The pics turned out great! (p.s..If you want a Christmas card..give me your address!!)Here are a couple of pics..

I did a photo shoot of our children (a.k.a pets) ♥
This is our newest addition Frankie.

He is an outdoor kitty that was abandoned by our neighbors...WE love him :0)

Here is our crazy mutt Daisy :0)

AND our little Lu Lu ♥

Shes a Lion! :0)

So that concludes our Thanksgiving adventure..Thanks for the visit Mom and Dad Gates..we ♥ youguys!!!I have other adventures to write about soooo stay tuned..i promise i wont be such a slacker this month!


  1. so glad to see you guys are alive. p.s. we had the baby.

  2. FINALLY! I was beginning to worry ;)
    Your family pics are very cute.

  3. I love how many Christmas pics you took of your animals. That's so like you! You look so pretty in your Christmas photos.

  4. I remember the first time I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner and being very grateful for Grandma every year getting that all done. I love the pictures they are good as usual. Can't wait to see you both! We love you.