Matt Graduated!

SO my awesome husband graduated from the Police Academy on December 4th! Both sets of parents came up for the occasion and it was fun to have them here!

Matt is in 'background' with the Oroville Police Department right now..which means he is in the hiring process with them..which is exciting! He will hopefully start working in wish us luck! Heres my man in action! ♥

I had fun with my parents while they were here! Mom has been up here before but it was dads first time in Chico! While Matt was busy doing Academy stuff, we drove around town a bit and visited a couple of pretty parks!

We drove up to Paradise and saw Paradise Lake..

We went to the Chico Fly Shop and talked with the guys about fishin ;0) We also went to Oroville and did a little exploring there! We drove around town, went to Lake Oroville and visited the Feather River Fish Hatchery which was awesome! There they raise Steel Head trout and Salmon.

At the hatchery..the Fish and Game guys gave us the V.I.P. tour and showed us where they store and hatch the fish eggs and how they raise them! It was really cool to see and learn what they do!

They even let us feed the fish! It was pretty awesome :0)

(i look a little too excited in that pic) lol
After that we went home and played some Wii before we went to dinner :0)

Unfortunately i was only able to show my dad a little portion of the coolness around Chico but he will be back in the Spring time for some FISHING adventures! he says ;0) Thank you Mom and Dad Gates and Mom and Dad Bulkeley for coming up to means alot to have your support! See you at Christmas! Love you ♥


  1. Congrats Matt! Good luck with the Oroville gig guys ;)

  2. Oh matt im super stoked for you you man. That is huge. YOu will do great things. I still can't believe you've been married two years now. I love you both and hope to see you guys. Keep in touch.

  3. Congrats to you and your husband. I know that you deserve a badge as much as he does!! It take a lot to be a supportive wife in the crazy academy! Jared is done in FEb so we getting there!! That is great that he is in the background process right now..good luck to you guys and Happy Holidays :)

  4. Matt as a police officer eh?! Congrats, that sounds like an adventure, especially in cali!
    Good luck with everything!