Mothers Day Getaway

So Matt and i decided to make the trek down to bako for Mothers Day. We stayed for a few days and had a blast! My sister Tanya came down from Oregon with her cute baby Cole so i got to hang out with ALL of the sibs!..which doesnt happen that often :0)

Here are some pics of cute little Cole and Aunty Tenille :0)

He is such a good take one of those over our puppy any day!! ;0) Here is a pic of MY child..she had fun in bako too :0)

On Saturday we decided to go to the beach for the day.

We went to Santa Monica, Venice and Malibu where we saw dolphins! We rented bikes in Santa Monica and rode to Venice! are some pics of the fun :0)

...The leader of the pack ;0)

We shopped a little on the Venice strip and saw alot of weirdos and bums :0) Then we had a picnic on the beach and soaked up some rays. It was so nice spending quality time with the fam at the beach! Thanks for the fun time guys!

I also got to see my Niece Savannah's play while i was there! She was a starfish in the play Bedknobs and Broomsticks..she did such a good job! it was awesome :0)
(The group)

(The STAR of the show :0)

Before the play we got our grub on at Roadhouse Grill :0) We waited to get seated for an hour but its okay because the food was great and the company was even better! :0)

Thanks again youuu!
Sunday was a BUSY day! We started out with a Mothers Day breakfast at mi casa and took some family thats a good-lookin group ;0)

All of the mothers...Hey,ill be one someday! :0)

Then we all went to my sister Tara's ward to watch her and Savannah sing together in sacrament..great job by the way :0) AND my dad got a new calling..he is now the President of the Bakersfield Singles Branch!!! Which just so happens to be my old ward! So we stayed for the singles ward and watched my dad bear his testimony and get set apart..what a neat experience! He is perfect for the calling and will do many great things for the branch! Im so excited and proud of him! GO DAD!

After that Matt and i went back to his parents house to hang out and relax. We ate dinner and spent some quality time before we had to hit the road and head back to Chico. It was so fun staying with youguys..THANK YOU for everything!!! My mothers are very special to me and i love both of them with all of my heart!


  1. it was so good to see you two, too! always a nice surprise. what a crazy mother's day weekend for your crew, huh?!?! thanx 4 posting a new one for me. glad i was recognized! LOL cute pix. sounds like ya'll had fun!

  2. LOL, I hope you are a mom someday, just not anytime soon. I swear EVERYONE is pregnant right now! I need a break from all the madness!! :) Stay strong with me :)

  3. what a cute post! i love families! speaking of mommies...we shall see...what about you?!! bye the way... we should go to hart park sometime together...hahah!

  4. Sounds like you guys had a good ol' Bako time. Too bad we didnt get a chance to all hang out. My mom ran in to Matt at the store and he said he is going to be a police officer????? So you would have a baby over a puppy??? Well get to it!! You guys are wayyyyyyy behind! We are planning a camping trip with a group of people in June I think, we would love for the two of you to come. I think the more people the better. I will let you guys know the details.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend!!! I can't get over how photogenic you are!! I've never seen a picture of you that's even remotely normal looking let alone bad. You always look gorgeous!!!

  6. It was good to see you and Matt in church. I'll have to make it up your way sometime. I guess I'm going to have to give your dad a hard time now he's the Branch President.

  7. dangit! i was at home like the day after you came back probably...i tried to pick up my chihuahua they babysat, but they convinced me to let them keep him for a little longer...looks like you had fun though...i wanna go to the beach! i havent been to venice in forever!!!

  8. Tenille...I heard that your Dad was the new branch president from my brothers and that made me happy. (He always has a big smile on his face like you, I'm sure he'll be great.) You're looking lovely as usual. xoxo

  9. You have such a beautiful family and siblings. I love Venice, I used to live on Venice blvd and that was one of Chris and I's first dates!!

  10. looks like you had a fun weekend! i just got my blog set up! kyla

  11. Thanks, You know the hair is kind of a mix of the two if that makes sense? It looks like you had a great time with your family! I am sorry to be getting back to you so late, we have been pretty busy these days.

  12. Your blog is so cool. I love the picture at the beginning. So I finally put up a couple of blogs but I am not up to date yet. I loved seeing both of you this month. Thanks for coming down I love that we get to see you pretty often. We will see you on June 18th.

  13. I totally remember you! Me and Amber Whillhite used to call you toenail at girls camp. Looks life has been good for look very happy. Good to hear from you.

  14. Boy, that was quite the group of pics! We had such a good time while you guys were here. Short but sweet;) Thanks so much for making my mother's day the best ever!!!
    love, momb
    ps...miss you guys every day!!!